fredag 18. desember 2009

skyer – et fantastisk tema

Dette er fin inspirasjon, dette er Ansel Adams i farger. men Camille Seaman hevder å ikke bearbeide mye.
«Do You Manipulate Your Images? Is That Color Real?
I do very little to my images. In fact not much at all beyond Burning and Dodging (making areas darker or lighter). I sharpen and thats about it. I use NC film because it gives a true neutral color without over saturating the color; I sometimes de-saturate to be as true to what I felt I saw as possible. I have my digital cameras set to Neutral as well. That neon blue that the icebergs have really only happens in overcast situations. Its then that I work, because when the sun comes out the Icebergs just go white and lose their personality.»

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